Preserved Steam on the Main Line.

“Tornado” now in BR Blue after bringing in the Steam Dreams charter train from Paddington, it has just turned on the Abbey Foregate loop. 24.11.12 (Dave Giddins).

A4 60009s arrival at Shrewsbury , 10th may 2013.

A4 60009’s arrival at Shrewsbury , 10th May 2013 (Dave Giddins).

A4 pacific 60009

A4 pacific 60009 “Union of South Africa” after arrival with the Steam Dreams Special on Friday 10th May 2013. (Dave Giddins)

Preserved LNWR 2-2-2 3020

Preserved LNWR 2-2-2 3020 “Cornwall” being towed from Crewe Works to the Severn Valley Railway in 1979 for possible investigation as to whether it could be restored to working order. This unfortunately was not to be. Note the LNW starter signals for the station avoiding lines, these were removed soon after this image was taken.


7819 “Hinton Manor” makes a welcome return to Shrewsbury in September 1991, after working a series of summer runs on the Cambrian line from Machynlleth to Pwhelli. 7819 was withdrawn from Shrewsbury Shed with a further remaining 8 Manors in November 1965 and went to Barry Scrapyard where it was rescued by the SVR who restored it to main line condition at Bridgnorth.
(Dave Giddins).

Black 5 45407 after bringing in a charter train off the Cambrian in 2004. (D. Giddins).

Black 5 45407 after bringing in a charter train off the Cambrian in 2004. (D. Giddins).

West Coast driver Ray Poole awaits right away for 6201

West Coast driver Ray Poole awaits right away for 6201 “Princess Elizabeth” on a charter returning to Crewe.
(Dave Giddins)

Newly restored at the time by the severn valley railway at Bridgnorth,Black 5 45110 about to depart from shrewsbury on a Pathfinders Charter train from shrewsbury to Blackpool via Chester to celebrate 150 years of Shrewsbury station and the line to Chester on an October Saturday in 1998.

Black 5 45110, newly restored on the Severn Valley Railway at Bridgnoth at the time about to depart Shrewsbury with a Pathfinders Charter train to Blackpool via Chester, celebrating 150 years of Shrewsbury Station and the line to Chester, on an October Saturday in 1998.
(David Giddins).

71000 “Duke of Gloucester” returns a charter train to Euston past Abbey Foregate signal box in 2008. (D.Giddins).

70000 “Brittania” runs into platform 4 to pick up passengers on the Pathfinder Charter to Reading, on 24.11.12. 70000 worked it as far as Bristol. (D. Giddins).

60163 “Tornado” on arrival at Shrewsbury on the Steam Dreams Charter train from Paddington on 24.11.12 (Dave Giddins).

BR Class 8P Pacific 71000

BR Class 8P Pacific 71000 “Duke of Gloucester” passes Abbey Foregate Signal Box on a return steam excursion to Euston in 2008.
(D. Giddins).

Preserved WD 2-10-0 600

Preserved WD 2-10-0 600 “Gordon” and GW Collett 0-6-0 3205 returning to their home on the Severn Valley Railway from the Rocket 150 Cavalcade at Rainhill in May 1985. Hauled by a BR Class 25 diesel due to high fire risk. Shrewsbury fireman Chris Kilby was on 3205.

GW Castle 4-6-0 4079

GW Castle 4-6-0 4079 “Pendennis Castle” runs around the Abbey Foregate triangle prior to returning its train to Newport in May 1974. It was soon to depart for Australia, but was fortunately returned to the UK in recent years. The house on the right was the photographers childhood home, where he would watch steam departures in late 1950s and early 1960s.

GW 4-6-0 4930

GW 4-6-0 4930 “Hagley Hall” from the SVR runs around the loop, seen here from Railway Lane, prior to working a Welsh Marches Express in 1981.

Preserved GW 7802

Preserved GW 7802 “Bradley Manor” after its return to the Cambrian in 2008. It ended its BR working life at Shrewsbury in 1965, went to Barry Scrapyard and then restored by the Erlestoke Manor Fund on the Severn Valley Railway.


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