Mr Philip Davies                Chairman

Mr Rob Weston                  Membership Secretary

Mr Dave Giddins                Director

Mr Trefor Jones                  Director

Mr Philip Ellson                Director

Mr David Morris                 Director

Mr Michael  LLewellyn       Director

Mr Frank Sarre                   Director

Treasurer  Mr M Davies  ( Not a Director )

Shrewsbury Railway Heritage Trust is a  Registered Charity (( Charity Number 1116296  ) set up under The Companies Act 1985 and 1989 as a ‘Company Limited by Guarantee and not having A Share Capital’ (Company Number 4847614).

Committee members were elected at the first AGM and since that time, according to the constitution, one-third of  the committee are subject to retirement by rotation at each AGM. Retiring members may be re-elected to serve a further term, if that is the wish of members at the AGM.

The Committee meets every second Tuesday of  each month .

There is also an Advisory Group, that meets once every three months. Membership of this group is varied and consists of members who have a particular interest in the projects being undertaken by the Trust.

A copy of the Trust’s Constitution is available on request from the Chair  of the Committee.


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