Mr Terence Turpin           Chair

Mr Philip Hughes              Membership Secretary

Mr Dave Giddins                Director

Mrs Joan Hughes               Director

Mr Philip Davies                 Director

Mr David Morris                  Director

Mr Mjchael  LLewellyn       Director

Treasurer  Mr M Davies  ( Not a director )


Shrewsbury Railway Heritage Trust is a  Registered Charity (( Charity Number 1116296  ) set up under The Companies Act 1985 and 1989 as a ‘Company Limited by Guarantee and not having A Share Capital’ (Company Number 4847614).

Committee members were elected at the first AGM and since that time, according to the constitution, one-third of  the committee are subject to retirement by rotation at each AGM. Retiring members may be re-elected to serve a further term, if that is the wish of members at the AGM.

The Committee meets every second Tuesday of  each month .

There is also an Advisory Group, that meets once every three months. Membership of this group is varied and consists of members who have a particular interest in the projects being undertaken by the Trust.

A copy of the Trust’s Constitution is available on request from the Chair  of the Committee.


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